Top Data Structures Asked in Coding Interviews

Published: June 10, 2021

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Introduction to Data Structures:-

Data structure is a fundamental concept of any programming language, essential for algorithmic design. It is a method of arranging data in a computer so that it can be efficiently used. The goal is to simplify the space and time requirements of various tasks. It is how data and the relationship amongst different data is represented.

There are two types of data structures:-

Linear:- It is one in which elements of the data structure are arranged in a sequential or a linear fashion. Examples - Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks, and Queues.

Non-linear:- In these data structures, elements are arranged in such a way that the traversal of nodes is not done in a sequential manner. Examples - Trees, Graphs, and Hash Tables.

Applications of Data Structures :-
Since we need to store our data in an organized, particular format, as per the requirement, data structures can come in handy. Some of the most important areas where data structures are used are as follows:
Artificial intelligence
Machine learning
Database design and management
Compiler design
Numerical and Statistical analysis
Operating system development
Image & Speech Processing
In compiler implementation, identifiers look up are built using hash tables
For making retrieval of data fast in database management systems, B-trees data structures are used.

Some Commonly Used Data Structures:-
In this section, we will learn about some commonly used data structures.
Linked List
Stacks and Queues
Heaps and Maps
Data Structure Interview Questions

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