How to access icare server through ssh and compile a fortran code

Icare "Data and Services Center's initial emphasis is the production and distribution of remote sensing data derived from Earth observation missions from CNES, NASA, and EUMETSAT.

Note: to access icare server through ssh protocol, you need to register first and provide a fixed ip address:

username: xxxxx
password: xxxxx
fixed ip address: xxxxx

How to access icare server through ssh

Command ssh to access icare 64 server:


Command to quit the server


How to send my files on icare server

Send a simple file (ex: "my_file")

scp my_file

Send a repertory (ex: "myfolder"). Option -rp (r mean it is a repertory and p option is for keeping my permissions intact)

scp -rp myfolder

Send a file (ex: "my_file") to a specific directory (on icare server under "/home/username/" directory) (Ex: /mydata/2017/)

scp my_file

How to download my files from icare server

Same as before, just reverse the order:

Download a simple file (ex: "my_file")

scp .

Download a repertory (ex: "myfolder").

scp -rp .

Where are the data ?

Data are located under the following repertory:


How to compile a fortran code on icare server

To compile a fortran code:

gfortran mycode.f90 -0 mycode

To compile a fortran code that uses hdf libraries:

gfortran mycode.f90 -I/usr/ops/env64_rhel6/opt/hdf4/include -L/usr/ops/env64_rhel6/opt/hdf4/lib -lmfhdf -ldf -ljpeg -lz -lm -o mycode

Running the code


How to run a code even after a logout

nohup mycode &