How to access icare server through ssh and compile a fortran code

Published: October 06, 2017 Protection Status

Icare "Data and Services Center's initial emphasis is the production and distribution of remote sensing data derived from Earth observation missions from CNES, NASA, and EUMETSAT.

Note: to access icare server through ssh protocol, you need to register first and provide a fixed ip address:

username: xxxxx
password: xxxxx
fixed ip address: xxxxx

How to access icare server through ssh

Command ssh to access icare 64 server:


Command to quit the server


How to send my files on icare server

Send a simple file (ex: "my_file")

scp my_file

Send a repertory (ex: "myfolder"). Option -rp (r mean it is a repertory and p option is for keeping my permissions intact)

scp -rp myfolder

Send a file (ex: "my_file") to a specific directory (on icare server under "/home/username/" directory) (Ex: /mydata/2017/)

scp my_file

How to download my files from icare server

Same as before, just reverse the order:

Download a simple file (ex: "my_file")

scp .

Download a repertory (ex: "myfolder").

scp -rp .

Where are the data ?

Data are located under the following repertory:


How to compile a fortran code on icare server

To compile a fortran code:

gfortran mycode.f90 -0 mycode

To compile a fortran code that uses hdf libraries:

gfortran mycode.f90 -I/usr/ops/env64_rhel6/opt/hdf4/include -L/usr/ops/env64_rhel6/opt/hdf4/lib -lmfhdf -ldf -ljpeg -lz -lm -o mycode

Running the code


How to run a code even after a logout

nohup mycode &